New Design Ideas Vol.2, No.2

The new issue (Volume 2, No. 2, 2018) of the Jomard Publishing journal New Design Ideas, is now published. The geography of the articles included to this issue, the scientific reputation of the authors once again demonstrates the serious interest shown to this journal by the international scientific community in the field of various aspects of design.

  • The journal is opened with the article “Adaptive versus random complexity”, by Nikos Salingaros professor at the University of Texas (San Antonio, USA). The article analyzes the problems of a safe and healthy lifestyle in the modern metropolis and proposes specific philosophical and architectural solutions for their solution.
  • The article “What kind of neighbourhoods will people pay more for?” presented by Alessandro Venarandi (Nice, France), Nicholas Boys Smith (Great Britain), Kieran Toms (Great Britain) is devoted to the exploring the values that people try to take into account in street design, unity with natural conditions and etc.
  • The paper by Harun Ekinoglu (Turkey) is devoted to the mathematical explanation of the relationship between the environment and residential complexes.
  • Mumen Abuarkub, professor at the Isra University of Jordan, studied architectural and decorative elements in traditional Palestinian houses.
  • Professor Miguel Cordova-Ramirez (Peru) analyzes modernism in the Peruvian school of architecture in his article entitled "Critique of the modernist reason in Peruvian architecture".
  • The paper by Professor Zaheer Allam (Australia) “Contextualizing the smart city for sustainability and inclusivity” is devoted to the study of the scientific problems of the smart urban concept in the modern globalizing world.
  • Professor Mathias Agbo (Nigeria) explores a very interesting topic of the role that modern designers play in shaping democratic values.
In addition to these articles, in the issue the review is published, written by Sir Roger Scruton (Brinkworth, Wiltshire, United Kingdom) on the book by James Stevens Curl, MAKING DYSTOPIA -THE STRANGE RISE AND SURVIVAL OF ARCHITECTURAL BARBARISM (Oxford University Press), which is a serious issue in the field of design. This review was submitted by Prof. Nikos Salingaros. The review analyzes this interesting book and revealed the essence of its main results.

We believe that the papers published in this issue of the journal will be of interest to specialists and will inspire them to receive new scientific results.

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