The Cardiologist Vol.3 No.1

Jomard Publishing is pleased to inform that Vol.3, No.1, 2019 of the journal The Cardiologist is now published. The issue contains papers of the authors who present Switzerland, India, Korea, Latvia and Azerbaijan. We hope the papers below included to this issue will attract the specialists and stimulate them to consider The Cardiologist as a natural home for their forthcoming researches.

G. Cocco
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (Rendu-Osler-Weber disease). A review (diagnostics and therapeutics)
R.N. Das, Y. Lee, G. Grover, G. Bhattacharyya
The role of body surface index on cardiac parameters
Sh. E. Guseynov, D. Chetrari, J. V. Aleksejeva, A.V. Berezhnoy, A.P. Laiju
Logical-probabilistic diagnosis of human cardiovascular diseases based on Boolean algebra
F.E. Abbasov, I.J. Heybatov, E.H. Aliyev, S.L. Hushanov, I.M. Bagirov, A.I. Mirzayi, E.S. Aliyev, L.S. Shikhiyeva, A.H. Akhundova, A.F. Hasanov, G.A. Shefiyeva
Main risk factors contributing to myocardial ischemic injury during aortocoronary bypass surgery. 

New Design Ideas in Q1 quartile

The Scimago Journal Ranking Report 2022 (Scopus) is now published. By the Report our journal New Design Ideas is included in the Q1 quartile.

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