Our Editor in-Chief – SCA-2019 medalist

We were extremely pleased knowing that Editor in-Chief of our journal New Design Ideas professor Nikos Salingaros was awarded the Stockholm Culture Award-2019 in the nomination Architecture for his cultural deeds and being the first man to establish a mathematical theory and background for architecture. He has the most developed view on architectural buildings and creations.


Being Jomard Publishing we congratulate professor Nikos Salingaros as the new SCA medalist for this valuable recognition and wish him to continue his fruitful activities by his contributions to the design research and also popularization of science, development of the scientific journals. 

Stockholm Culture Awards (SCA) have as purpose to highlight and praising world-class cultural personalities, who are knowledgeable and distinguished in their field and work hard to strengthen the status of classical arts in and for Stockholm and make them more accessible to all. 

SCA grant merit medals and diplomas that are given in the following categories: 

  • Classical and Modern Music
  • Classical Art
  • Family History
  • Film
  • Architecture
  • Dance
  • Cultural Mathematics
  • The art of food as culture
  • Theater
  • Sculpture
  • Opera
  • Literature

Our Journal is in AGRIS database

The journal Research in: Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences is accepted for indexing in the AGRIS database 

Special Issue

Jomard Publishing announces Special Issue "Generative Justice in Design" of the journal New Design Ideas.

New Design Ideas in SCOPUS

The journal New Design Ideas issued by Jomard Publishing is accepted for indexing in Scopus.  

Coronavirus topic in the journal Advances in Biology & Earth Sciences

In the new issue of the journal Advances in Biology & Earth Sciences founded by Jomard Publishing the paper titled Overview of the environmental distribution, resistance, mortality, and genetic diversity of new coronavirus (Covid-19) is published.  

New Materials, Compounds and Applications is included to CAS

It is our pleasure to inform that our journal New Material, Compounds and Applications is included to Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) that is a division of the American Chemical Society.