Journal of Modern Technology and Engineering  is devoted to the publication of original investigations, observations, scholarly inquiries, and reviews in the various branches of technology and engineering. All published papers are peer-reviewed. It covers cutting edge developments in modern technology and engineering from around the globe. This widely referenced publication helps digital investigators remain current on new technologies, useful tools, relevant research, investigative techniques, and methods for handling security breaches.

Journal of Modern Technology and Engineering is the place for exchange of information and research results within the following scope:

• Network Technology
• Food Technology
• Engineering Technology
• Educational Technology
• Nanotechnology
• Bio Technology
• Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
• Computer and Software Engineering
• Electronics, Communication & Telecommunication Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Electromechanical System Engineering
• Chemical, Biological & Bio system Engineering
• Aerospace Engineering
• Oil, Gas, Petroleum Engineering
• Geological Engineering
• Engineering Math and Physics
• Electronics Engineering
• Nuclear Engineering
• Agricultural Engineering
• Computer Technology
• Design Engineering
• Electronics
• Environment Engineering
• Fluid Mechanics
• Industrial Engineering
• Information Technology
• Manufacturing Engineering
• Mechanical Technology
• Neural Networks
• Ocean Engineering
• Plastic Engineering
• Robotics
• Sound Engineering
• System Engineering
• Textile Engineering
• Water Resource Engineering
• Information Engineering and Electronic Business
• Computer Networks and Information Security
• Wireless sensor networks (WSN)
• Mobile Ad-hoc networks (MANET)
• Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET)
• Wireless and Microwave Technologies

Our new issues

The new issues of the journals Advances in Biology & Earth Sciences and Research in: Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences are now published on-line.  

Journal of Modern Technology and Engineering

It is our pleasure to inform that the new issue of the Jomard Publishing Journal of Modern Technology and Engineering has been published.  

New Design Ideas

The first issue of the Journal NEW DESIGN IDEAS was met with a great interest by the specialists on a broad spectrum of design studies. 

New Materials, Compounds and Applications

The first inaugural issue of the new journal  New Materials, Compounds and Applications founded jointly by Jomard Publishing and Baku State University is now published.

Cooperation agreement

An agreement is signed between Jomard Publishing and Altai State University