The scope of the journal Research in: Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences is intentionally broad and includes almost all of the key aspects of Agricultural science, veterinary science and veterinary medicine.

For publications in the Journal, we consider articles which:

  • must contain original work
  • must not published previously
  • must not be under consideration for publication in any other journal or book available through a library or by purchase
  • must contain a short abstract (no longer than 50 words), keywords.
The language of the submitted papers is English.

The papers should be typed in Microsoft Word (Font-Times New Roman-12, interval-1) following the instructions and jurnal STYLE form.

We encourage the papers be sent in electronic form so it can be refereed without postal delays, and be published more quickly.

The authors should send their article single, compressed archive file as an attachment to the e-mail address or submit on-line.
New Design Ideas

Jomard Publishing is pleased to introduce new journal - New Design Ideas

Research in: Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences

The first issue of the next journal established by Jomard Publishing - Research in: Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences was printed out.  

The first issue of the journal has been published

The print version of the first issue of the journal "Advances in Biology & Earth Sciences" came out. 

Advanced Mathematical Models & Application

Jomard Publishing is pleased to inform that the first issue of our journal Advanced Mathematical Models & Application (ISSN 2519-4445) is now available online. The issue contains 8 papers of the authors from different countries devoted to the various aspects of mathematical models and applications.

Advances in Biology and Earth Sciences

Advances in Biology & Earth Sciences   is an online free peer-reviewed open access journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all fields concerning Biological and Earth Sciences and related fields.